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Bandsåg Pilous ARg 300 HF

Ordernummer: 2293
Tillverkare: Pilous
Status: Ny
Pris: 78,600 SEK

Bandsåg med hydraulisk lyftning av sågarmen.Kapar runt och kvadratiskt 300 mm, 45' 240 mm, 60' 160 mm, Rektangulärt 370x220 eller 340x300 mm. 35 eller 70 m/min, 410 kg. Frekvensstyrd bandhastighet

ARG 300 H
Universal robust band saw is appraised for general use in continuous uninterrupted production plants and in workshops (work on locks, maintenance) as well. Industrial band 27 x 0.9 mm is manufactured in many versions and allows for cutting of wide range of materials, including stainless steel or tool steel. The machine is equipped with a simple hydraulic unit which facilitates the automatic uplift of the saw band arm after the cut is finished. In contrast to manual uplift this system makes the operation of the machine much easier, especially when cutting larger series. Uplift height can be adjusted according to the size of the material to be cut. The feed into cut is carried out by the weight of the arm, with the possibility of continuous regulation by the oil damper butterfly valve. When the cutting is finished the band drive automatically switches off and the arm goes up to the set position. Ergonomic base is equipped with a large removable chips container.
Three-phase two-speed motor (400V) allows you to select the speed of 40 or 80 m/min according to characteristics of the material to be cut.
Continuous adjustment of the cutting angle within the range 90° – 60° when the workpiece is clamped tight.
Very robust machine framework composes of castings from grey cast iron and ensures vibration absorption.
Massive arm turning system with large loading surfaces ensures exceptional stability of the machine even when cutting heavy workpieces.
Modern concept of the band saw arm allows for large cutting ranges in upright and angular cuts.
Simple locking and adjusting of the desired cutting angle on the angle scale.
Massive quick-clamping vice ensures easy and reliable material clamping.
Large diameter running wheels and precise three-side hardmetal guiding ensure long service


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