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Halvautomatisk bandsåg Pilous ARG 500 plus SAF

Ordernummer: 2283
Tillverkare: Pilous
Status: Ny
Pris: 248,000 SEK

Halvautomatisk bandsåg Pilous ARG 500 plus SAF med gering 60' höger och vänster. sågkapacitet 500 mm runt, eller 620x450 mm balk, 45' 440x450 mm, 60' 310x400 mm.
Hydraulisk sågbladskontroll HD 500 Pris: 8.500:-
Digital visning av sågvinkel LG 500 Pris: 8.000:-
Spåntransportör SD 500 Pris: 12.500:-
Leveranstid ca 5 veckor


PILOUS semiautomatic metal bandsaw ARG 500 PLUS SAF is a universal bandsaw with the whole cutting cycle taking place after pressing a single switch: clamping the work piece, sawblade switch-on, cutting, sawblade stop, raising the arm to the initial (adjustable) position, opening the vice. This, in connection with a hydraulic feed, substantially increases the cutting productivity, especially in full materials. Individual control of all functions also available. Manual work piece feed. SAF versions are equipped with stronger motor and frequency converter, which provides for optimum sawblade speed between 15 and 90 m/min. The optimum sawblade speed improves the machine productivity, accuracy of cutting and sawblade lifetime. A vice pressure control device is also included in the standard version equipment.

The biggest advantage of this model is the wide range of angles: 60° right and 60° left. Most advanced bandsaw arm design and also overall machine conception allows cutting of large profiles even under an angle. Big sawblade wheels allow the use of 41×1,3 mm sawblade that guarantees maximum precision of the cut and high productivity even when cutting large profiles. Ideal bandsaw for heavy industrial operations and nonstop production lines with demand for cutting of large material cross-sections. Bandsaw blade at the bottom position is at a 3° angle to the vice table surface.
Each machine is in addition equipped with:
• double-sided automatic pressure regulation into the cut according to material characteristics
• electrically powered sawblade cleaning brush

LG 500 - digital scanning and display of cutting angles located on the bandsaw arm
HD 500 - hydraulic sawblade tensioning
SD 500 - worm chips transporter
HVP 500 - hydraulic bundle-cutting pressure device
DR 500 - work piece stop
Oil spray - micro cooling and lubrication system
Laser - laser beam indicator
K 650 - input/output roller conveyor
KO 650 - output roller conveyor with measuring



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