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Bandsågsautomat Pilous ARG 260 CFNC

Ordernummer: 2174
Tillverkare: Pilous
Status: Ny
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Bandsågsautomat Pilous ARG 250 med frekvensstyrd bandhst. 15-90 m/min, 2,7 kW, kapar 250 mm, gering 45
Levtid 4-8 veckor
Hämtningen sker med servomotor och kulskruv, 500 mmhämtlängd i varje omtag. 60 program för inställning av hämtlängder och antal.
Spåntransportör. 12.500:-
Fully automated CNC band saw is generally suitable for cutting
big series in the heaviest and non-stop operating plants. The machine
is equipped with a workpiece feed by industrial servomotor
with a new control system. The servomotor and ball screw ensure
high speed and maximum accuracy of workpiece feed, even in
multiple feed when cutting long pieces. Options of setting three
feed rates – 27, 42 or 50 mm/s acording to weight and length of the
workpiece to be cut. Maximum length of a single feed is 500 mm.
Central control panel with a big colour touch screen (7.5”) ensures
simple intuitive control of all features of the machine. The control
unit allows for programming of up to 60 programmes for quick
setting of the feed length in repetitive production. Each programme
can be annotated, e.g. by the drawing number. Possibility of
programming and cutting of different number of pieces of different
sizes without the need for further operation of the machine. The
machine can be controlled in fully automatic, semi-automatic or
manual mode. In manual mode all functions of the machine are
controlled separately. Workpiece clamping and arm feed into and
out of the cut in the desired position according to section of the
workpiece are controlled by hydraulics. Regulation of pressure of
the feeding and fixed vice is included in the standard equipment.
Maximum cutting efficiency is maintained also thanks to the possibility
of setting optimum saw band rate by a frequency converter
in the range between 15 and 90 m/min., which significantly contributes
to cutting accuracy and service life of saw bands.
Maximum accuracy of workpiece feeding is based on a very robust
construction of the machine with all the main parts made of
grey cast iron and massive framework of the feeding system. Large
base and overall massive framework guarantee exceptional stability
of the machine even when cutting heavy workpieces. The base
is equipped with a large removable chips container and allows for
installation of an optional worm chips container. Industrial band
27 x 0.9 mm is manufactured in many versions and allows for
cutting of wide range of materials, including stainless steel or tool
■ Continuous manual setting of the cutting angle within 90° – 45°.
The material can be cut by angular cutting or in automatic mode
as well.
■ Very robust machine framework composes of castings from grey
cast iron and ensures vibration absorption.
■ Modern concept of the band saw arm allows for large cutting ranges
in upright and angular cuts.
■ Large diameter running wheels and precise three-side hardmetal
guiding ensure long service life of the band and cutting accuracy.
■ Overdesign of running wheel bearings, tensioning wheel system
and all rotary parts ensures long service life of the machine.
■ Noiseless and maintenance-free band drive is provided by an industrial
electric motor with worm gearbox.
■ The machine is connected to a complete cooling system with
a high-performance pump and possibility of regulating the flow on
both guiding heads independently and on an additional adjustable
outlet. Coolant tank with a high-performance pump is placed in
the base of the machine.
■ The machine checks correct tension or break of the saw band.
If the saw band breaks the machine automatically switches off.
■ Easy intuitive controls by ergonomically places controls on the rotary
central control panel.
2710  27  0,9
90° +45°
250 180
245 170
245250 180120
400 V / 50 Hz / 4,7 kW 15 – 90 m/min. 740 kg
Main motor 400 V / 50 Hz / 2,2 kW
Pump motor 400 V / 50 Hz / 0,05 kW
Hydraulic motor unit 400 V / 50 Hz / 0,37 kW
Servo motor of the feed 400 V / 50 Hz / 1,3/2 kW
Feed rate of material 1,6 / 2,5 / 3 m/min.
Saw blade speed 15 – 90 m/min.
Working height of vice 790 mm
Hydraulic system oil cca 25 l (ISO 6743/4-HM, DIN 51 524 part 2-HLP)
Coolant tank cca 40 l
Machine dimensions (min.) 1500  2150  1350 mm
Machine dimensions (max.) 1800  2150  1650 mm
Machine weight 740 kg


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